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2021 Dove Fields

All hunters are required to check-in / check-out here, using your licensing login credentials.

Glen Elder Wildlife Area does NOT require non-toxic shot for dove hunting.  Sunflower fields will have portions of fields mowed leading up to the season. Wheat fields will be burned, mowed, or lightly disked. All managed dove areas will have mowed parking areas and mowed walking trails to the fields

8/27 update-  THE GRANITE CREEK WHEAT AND SUNFLOWER FIELDS WILL BE CLOSED TO HUNTING SEPTEMBER 1ST THROUGH 3RD AND WILL BE RESERVED FOR OUR YOUTH DOVE HUNT ON THE MORNING OF SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH.  At noon on Sept. 4th the field will open to Youth and Mentor Hunting until Sept. 9th. During this time, adults may only hunt the field if they have a youth 17 or younger hunting with them. On Friday Sept. 10 the field will be open to all hunters for the remainder of the season.  ADDITIONALLY, THE GOLF COURSE SUNFLOWER FIELD WILL ALSO BE DESIGNATED AS A YOUTH-MENTOR FIELD TO BEGIN THE SEASON.

You can find a Google Earth map of the dove fields here.

County Line Fields - 3 miles east of Downs and about 1/2 mile south of Highway 24. One 15 acre sunflower field located on east side of road and 4 acres of wheat just to the east of the sunflowers.

Airport Field -  1/4 mile west of Cawker City and 1/4 mile south of Highway 24.  One 18 acre field of sunflowers. Hunters should turn off Highway 24 immediately west of the railroad tracks and park where the trail forks.

Lowdon Fields - 1 mile south of Downs, 1 mile east, and 1 mile back to north. One 11 acre sunflower field located 1/4 mile east of parking lot and 3 acres of wheat just west of the parking lot.

Glen Elder Field -  1/2 mile south of the town of Glen Elder on west side of the road. There is one 5 acre wheat field.  

Granite Creek Fields - 2 miles east of Cawker City and south of the intersection of Highway 24 and 130 Rd.  Hunters should park near (not in front of) the green metal gates just south of the highway.  One 23 acre field of sunflowers SE of the gates and one 5 acre field of wheat SW of the gates.  This field will be closed to hunting on 9/1 through 9/3, reserved for a youth hunt on the morning of 9/4, and will be a youth-mentor hunting field from mid day 9/4 through 9/9.  On 9/10 it will open to all hunters.

Golf Course Field -  1/2  mile east of Cawker City and just south of Highway 24 (north of Lakeside Golf Course).  One 6 acre sunflower field.  This field is designated as a Youth-Mentor Field from September 1st through the 14th.  On September 15th it will open to all hunters.

Manager's Notes and Logbook
  • Here are some of the Statewide Public Lands Regulation changes from recent years. See printed regulations for complete details.
  • Each hunter is only allowed to have 2 tree stands on a property. Stands must be labelled with hunter's information.
  • Portable blinds and all decoys are not allowed to be left out overnight.
  • Baiting for any hunting purposes is no longer allowed
  • Each of the last few years, we have established several new shrub plots and about 60 acres of new grass strips were planted. 80+ acres of sunflower fields and about 100 acres of upland milo and cane plots are also planted every year.
  • We spray hundreds of acres of brome grass each fall on the area to encourage early succession growth to benefit our upland bird populations.
  • Please be respectful the many dirt roads we have around the area. If WA and county roads are muddy-STAY OFF OF THEM!!
  • Our tree shearing contractor is continuing to work at several different locations on the WA. This work really improves the upland habitat. We will continue this work for the next several years.

2015 Youth and Women's Pheasant Hunt

The 18th annual Waconda Lake Youth, Women & Celebrity Pheasant Hunt was held on December 12, 2015 with 24 new and inexperienced hunters participating.  Participants came from all across Kansas ranging in ages from 10 to 60, and 14 of the novice hunters were girls and women.  The event is organized by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism staff from the Glen Elder Wildlife Area and the Wichita-based Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors, Inc. Both agencies are strongly committed to getting more young people and families into the outdoors and enjoying all of the associated benefits.

This year’s Celebrities included 5 former professional athletes from the NFL and drag racing circuits and 5 “Hero-Celebrities” who are members of the Kansas National Guard.  Celebrities hunted and interacted with the participants throughout the day’s events serving as adult role models for the hunters.  Several of the youth and women hunters were also family members of the celebrities. 

Participants were divided into small groups based on their individual levels of hunting experience.  Less experienced individuals “worked their way up” to hunting by progressing through instructional stages that included field exercises and trap shooting during the first half of the morning.  More experienced hunters went right to hunting wild birds.  By the end of the morning, all the participants were pursuing pheasants in various refuge portions of Glen Elder Wildlife Area and State Park, where regular public hunting is not allowed.  Each participant was accompanied throughout the day by a non-hunting adult mentor for safety, and each hunting group had several bird dogs and handlers to assist them.

When all of the hunting groups had finished by mid-afternoon the final total of rooster pheasants harvested came up to an impressive 53 birds!  Every participant got multiple shot chances, with most bagging at least 1 bird.   There were many “first birds” on the day and one young boy even managed to get a limit of 4 roosters.

The full day of events began with a biscuits and gravy breakfast provided by Lakeside Convenience.  Burgers, hot dogs and chili were served for lunch by the Waconda Lake Association, and the day concluded with a hunters’ banquet sponsored by local Pheasants Forever chapters on Saturday night.  The youth and women hunters were also provided with a prize package and all participants including mentors and volunteers received a commemorative T-shirt.  Nearly 90 people participated in the event in some fashion or another.

This entire event was provided to all participants at no charge due to the generous support of 35 different businesses and individuals.  The majority of these sponsors are from the local communities surrounding Waconda Lake.  

2015 Sponsors List-  KDWPT, Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors, Inc., Waconda Lake Association, Osborne County PF, Waconda Ringnecks PF, Guy Caster, Mark Arneson, Mike Nyhoff, Doug Richards, Brush Art, Sunflower/ AGCO, Midway COOP, Lakeside Convenience, Miller Welding, Cunningham Telephone and Cable, Wayne's Sporting Goods, Todd & Wendy Brooks, Myers Sporting and Supply, Corner Drug and Gift, Tipton Screen Printing, Bob's Inc., Miller Hardware, Scoular Grain, Culligan Water Conditioning, State Bank of Downs, Grady Farms, Central National Bank, Lori's Lodge, Tim Taylor, Waconda Struttin' Dusters NWTF, Cawker City Convenience, Cawker City United Methodist Church, and Stuff-n-Such lodging.