Webster Reservoir Area News

2022 Dove Fields

There were 2 managed dove fields planted to sunflowers this year. Fields will be mowed leading up to the dove opener. Hunters utilizing these fields must fill out dove survey cards when utilizing these fields. Survey cards are located near the entrances to both fields. A Google Earth file of dove fields in 2022 can be downloaded here.

Field 1 - This field is approximately 7 acres. It is located northeast of the Stilling Basin below the dam at Webster Reservoir. It is approximately 0.10 miles north of the intersection of K. Terrace and 11 Road.

Field 2 - This field is approximately 15 acres. It is located 0.25 miles west of the intersection of N Road and 7 Road on the side side of Webster Reservoir.

There may be other opportunities to harvest doves in wheat stubble fields, fields planted to cover crops, weedy fields left idle, and along water sources. Hunters in these locations do not need to fill out dove survey cards.

Webster Reservoir currently does not have any blue-green algae.

Hunters and their dogs should avoid coming in contact with blue-green algae. If contact occurs, make sure to rinse thoroughly with clean, fresh water. Visit the Kansas Department of Health and Environment website to learn more about blue-green algae and to stay updated on the latest blue-green algae watches and warnings.

You can find more information about harmful algal blooms at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment here.