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2022 Dove Hunting Outlook:

One sunflower tract (13 acres) should provide fair dove hunting opportunities at Council Grove Wildlife Area.  Portions of this field will be mowed (if conditions allow) to enhance dove use and hunter access. 

The 13-acre field can be found just north of the eastern most parking area along the north side of Munkers Creek.  Two additional sunflower tracts (16 and 7 acres) were planted this spring but were lost due to lake flooding.      

Dove hunters may be asked to obtain a permit prior to hunting and report harvest at the conclusion of their hunt.  Please assist area staff with evaluating these opportunities by following instructions located at permit stations posted at this field.  Hunters are also reminded to please be courteous and aware of other hunting parties while using this field.  

For a brochure and map of the entire wildlife area please visit the Council Grove Wildlife Area web page ( and click on the brochure tab at the top of the page.  For more information, please call the area manager at #620/767-5900.   


Want Current Lake Condition Information?  It’s Just a Click Away!

It can be argued that technology is not always a good thing.  But for outdoor recreationists wanting to know current information about Council Grove Lake, technology can be good because the information is available and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by visiting the internet on your computer or smart phone.

For those interested in learning more about current or historic lake levels, precipitation amounts, lake inflow, or lake releases, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operates a convenient web site providing this information.  Whether you are an angler interested in lake conditions to determine if it might be right for pursuing your favorite species of fish, or are a boater or camper wondering how lake conditions have been impacted by recent drought or rains, the website can be a valuable trip planning tool.  To access this information simply visit: