McPherson Valley Wetlands

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UPDATE:   23 AUGUST 2023

All hunters are required to check in/out when hunting.  Visit using your licensing login credentials to check in and out, and report your harvest.

There are three new regulations in effect at McPherson Valley Wetlands:  1)  The Big Basin Marshes have been designated as "youth only" during the 2-day youth and military waterfowl weekend, 2) No motorized boats are allowed on the property, and 3) Centerfire rifles and handguns are prohibited. 


We will have one managed dove field at MPWL this year, which is 110 acres of sunflowers at the Little Sinkhole Unit near Inman.  The flowers are drying down and harvest will start late this week.  A few rows of sunflowers will be left standing around the perimeter of the field for hunter cover, and the remainder will be harvested.  Click on the following link to see the field in map view.

For additional information please contact the McPherson Valley Wetlands office at (620) 241-7669.


Staff at the McPherson Valley Wetlands will be producing a newsletter that will include season results, upcoming projects, special opportunities, fall flights, and other information that hunters / users may need to know if planning to visit the area. The newsletter will be produced bi-annually, prior to hunting season (mid August to mid September) and following waterfowl season (mid March to mid April). This document will be distributed electronically, and if you are interested in getting on the mailing list Click here.

The newsletter is an attempt to get information to more of our constituents since attendance at our public information meetings has been very low.

Wildlife Violations:

In the past, area staff has been informed of regulation violations during the hunting season. Even though KDWPT Law Enforcement staff are routinely at the wetlands, they can't be everywhere all the time. If you witness a violation, please call the McPherson County Game Warden, Operation Game Thief, or the McPherson Valley Wetlands area office and leave a description of the violation including the vehicle tag number if possible.