Elk City Reservoir/Wildlife Area Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Waterfowl numbers fluctuate with migration, hunting pressure, and changing habitat conditions.
Water level Still have not had any significant rain in the area. We had an inch or so of rain around the area, but it did not result in much runoff. There are some small areas of shallow water in a few of the marshes. The Lake is 5.5 ft. low. We do not have the capability to pump any of the marshes on the wildlife area. Heavy rains will be required to get runoff to fill the marshes. For current Reservoir levels visit http://www.swt-wc.usace.army.mil/ELKC.lakepage.html
Hunting conditions The water situation in the wetlands is poor. A few have enough water to hunt now but others remain dry. There was pretty decent vegetative growth in a lot of the wetlands and around the edge of the lake. There will be a good amount of food available for waterfowl if we get more water. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET HIGH CENTERED IF USING A BOAT. SOME OF THE SHORELINE IS VERY SHALLOW A LONG WAYS OUT FROM THE BANK AND THE MUD IS VERY DEEP IN SOME AREAS. 
Expected hunting success Variable.  TEAL SEASON IS SEPT. 9-24 REGULAR DUCK SEASON IS NOV. 11-JAN. 7 AND JAN. 13-28
Comments Please do not leave trash on the public ground including empty shells. Individuals utilizing the wildlife area need to be aware of the refuge boundaries. Boats cannot drive through the refuge area on the water. Maps can be obtained at the Fisheries & Wildlife office (below the dam), at the State Park (on the lake side), and online at https://ksoutdoors.com/content/download/20944/140278/file/ELK%20CITY%20RES%20&%20WA.pdf