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Oct 21, 2019

ROAD CLOSURE -- The road along the north end of Unit G will be temporarily closes just east of Queens Road to allow undisturbed hunting in the north end of the marsh.


Unit A-East:  Good moist-soil vegetation.  Mostly millet and annual smartweed.

Unit A-North:  Good moist-soil vegetation.  Highest elevations have best food.

Unit C-South:  Likely the best habitat on the wildlife area.  Japanese millet.

Unit E:  Lee Lake = poor -- mostly open water and Hibiscus. South and West Pools = fair -- perennial smartweed, woody vegetation.

Unit F-East:  Fair to good -- lower areas are open water but mid- to higher elevations with good moist-soil vegetation.  20 acres of wheat planted on south side.

Unit F-South:  Good -- mix of millet and smartweed.

Unit F-West:  Poor to fair -- wetland vegetation severely impacted by flooding.

Unit G:  Mostly open water.  Some fair moist-soil habitat on the north end.

Refuge Units:  Refuges should provide habitat to hold fair - good numbers of waterfowl through fall.

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River boat ramp:  The Marais des Cygnes River boat ramp located just north of E 1700 Rd is closed due to excessive silt accumulation.