Toronto Reservoir Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers


Descent amount of divers on the lake and some of the small ponds and marshes in the area.  Still seeing a few small groups of big ducks in the area. If conditions get cold and smaller bodies of water ice over you can expect to see much better numbers on the reservoir.  Geese are present in good numbers on fields in the area but not many using the wildlife area as of yet. Birds continue to move in and then out very quickly so scouting a day before any hunt would be advantageous.

Water level Lake is at conservation pool and all marshes in the area are full.
Hunting conditions With recent warmer weather the ponds and other smaller bodies of water have opened up.  Smaller bodies of water will ice over with some colder weather.  
Expected hunting success Moderate
Comments Waterfowl reports will be posted on a bi-weekly basis throughout the fall and winter waterfowl seasons. Updates will be made when a significant change in bird numbers is observed.  For information pertaining to the Toronto Wildlife Area call 620-583-6783.