Hunters gear up for traditional opening day PRATT -- The 2006 Kansas firearms deer season runs Wednesday, Nov. 29, through Sunday, Dec. 10, and to borrow a line from an old commercial, “We’ve come a long way, baby!” Just more than 40 years ago, Kansans went afield for the first modern deer season, and since then, the state has seen many posi ... Read More

Cool it quickly, so it’s good to eat PRATT -- For deer hunters, taking a deer is a satisfying adrenalin rush, often culminating several weeks of practice, scouting, and preparation. However, once the deer is down and tagged and photos snapped, the real work begins -- caring for the meat. No matter the weather, cooling a deer soon after the k ... Read More

Birds expanding range, increasing hunting opportunity PRATT -- The return of the wild turkey from virtual extirpation to a healthy and growing population is one of the great conservation success stories in Kansas. In the 1950s, wild turkeys were almost impossible to find in the state, but thanks to a trap-and-transplant program beginning in ... Read More

Precautions pay for "off-season" boaters PRATT -- Although boating season is generally thought of as the time between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, many boaters find that fall and winter are great times to enjoy area lakes. Lakes are less crowded this time of year, and mild temperatures make pleasant days on the water ... Read More