Last meeting for long-time chairman John Dykes, Fairway SCOTT CITY -- The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission approved 2006 hunting seasons for early migratory birds at a public hearing in Scott City June 29. After hearing department recommendations and public comment, the commission approved the following seasons:

rail (sora and Virg ... Read More

KDWP seeks public comment on draft deer recommendations PRATT -- Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) is seeking public input on ways to streamline, simplify, and improve current deer permitting processes and hunting opportunities. In 2005, the Kansas Legislature's House Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Committee requested that KDWP pr ... Read More

State's largest frog a favorite summertime quarry PRATT -- Every Kansan is familiar with the bellowing song of the bullfrog. The largest of all Kansas frogs, this amphibian is also a favorite quarry of outdoorsmen and women, and pursuing them is a great way to beat the summer heat. The season for bullfrog hunting began July 1 and runs throu ... Read More

Available free, video shows value of playa wetlands, how they may be conserved LAFAYETTE, Co. -- Most people have never heard of, or seen, a playa wetland, but they are the most abundant and ecologically important wetlands in the southern High Plains. They recharge aquifers and help sustain wildlife and cropland. Despite these benefits, pla ... Read More