Healthy landscapes, profitable enterprise are objectives

In August, the Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition, Inc. (KGLC), will host two rangeland management schools -- one for eastern Kansas at Flint Oak in Elk County and one for western Kansas at Camp Mennoscah in Kingman County. The schools will feature principles of rangeland management, including grass and animal ecology, using ranching perspective throughout the agenda, according to Tim Christian, KGLC coordinator.

“I think attendees will find these schools most interesting because much of the study is hands-on in the field, and they will learn from their counterparts, other ranchers,” Christian says.

In addition to ranchers, instructors include the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Kansas State University (KSU) range and grazing lands specialists, and KGLC staff. Co-sponsoring entities for the schools include NRCS, KSU Extension, and the Kansas State Conservation Commission.

The eastern school is set for August 14-16 and the western school for August 21-23. Both target landowners, operators, outdoor enthusiasts, ranch hands, conservation agencies and organizations, and others interested in learning rangeland ecology, wildlife, and livestock management. The principles focus on understanding the basic ecology of Kansas rangelands and the interconnection between a healthy landscape and a healthy, profitable livestock or wildlife enterprise.

A $250 registration includes two nights lodging, meals, and materials. If a second or third person from the same entity attends, the fee is reduced to $200 per person. Deadline for registration is August 3 for the eastern school and August 10 for the western school. Space is limited to 30 participants in each school.

For more information on the 2007 range management schools, contact Ken Sherraden, KGLC co-coordinator, at 785-922-7061, or e-mail him at