Illuminated nocks approved for use by turkey, big game hunters

The Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission has approved the use of electronically illuminated nocks for turkey and big game bowhunters. The regulatory change was approved at a public hearing of the Commission in Topeka March 15th.

Bowhunters had asked the commission to consider adding illuminated nocks to the regulations (KAR 115-4-4a and KAR 115-4-4) which define legal equipment and taking methods for turkey and big game hunters, respectively. Illuminated nocks help bowhunters better track the flight of arrows used in bowhunting.

The change will become effective upon publication in the Kansas Register, which is anticipated to occur on April 13. The 2007 spring turkey season is April 11-May 31. In addition, an archery-only season is set for April 1-10, and a separate season for youth and disabled hunters only is set for April 6-8.