Public input, reports combine with biologists' data for more complete angling picture

Want to know where the fish are biting? The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) can help. One of the most popular and useful tools provided by KDWP is the weekly lake-by-lake fishing reports posted on the agency's website. While these reports complement the fishing forecast, posted on the agency website each February, they provide more timely information for the angler wanting to know where the fish are biting.

Updated weekly by KDWP fisheries biologists, these reports provide the latest ratings on fishing conditions at many department-managed lakes in the state. Information includes a general rating of what the fishing is like -- from poor to excellent -- as well as the size range of fish being caught, and an informative description of successful baits, methods, and locations where anglers are having the most success. This detailed information is included for each species of sportfish in the lake. Water temperatures and lake elevations are also included, along with other useful information and tips each biologist thinks might help the angler catch fish.

In 2006, KDWP added a new feature to the online fishing reports to further enhance their usefulness to the angler. A blog entitled KDWP Public Fishing Reports was added, enabling anglers to provide timely reports and tips the local biologist may not have heard about.

Combined with the fishing forecast and the weekly fishing reports, the public fishing reports provide the most complete picture of angling conditions short of being on the lake. This spring and summer, use a computer to catch more fish.