The 22nd Annual Governor’s One-Shot Turkey Hunt will be held April 11-12, 2008 in El Dorado

“We have a strong hunting tradition in Kansas and the annual one-shot turkey hunt is a great way to celebrate that tradition and kick off the spring turkey hunting season,” Governor Kathleen Sebelius said.

As governor, Sebelius has participated in the turkey hunt each year. However this year, Sebelius will not be able to attend.

“Thankfully, our new Attorney General, Steve Six, has agreed to step in for me." she said. "General Six is an experienced hunter and avid outdoorsman, so I am sure he’ll bag a good sized bird this year! I wish my fellow hunters good luck and happy hunting.”

“As a hunter, I am honored to have the opportunity to join hunters from across the nation, at this year’s one-shot turkey hunt,” Six said. “This event is a good opportunity to highlight the hunting, wildlife, and outdoor activities that Kansas has to offer.”

The turkey hunt was established in 1987 by Governor Mike Hayden as a celebration of Kansas’ hunting heritage and an occasion to show off the state’s warm hospitality.