College and secondary school students given opportunity to compete at Sedgwick event

The Kansas Trapshooters Association (KTA) will host a special trap shooting event for youth at this year's state trap shooting championships -- 3432 East 117th St. North, in Sedgwick -- on June 7. The event is sponsored by the Amateur Trapshooting Hall of Fame and the Scholastic Clay Trap Program (SCTP), designed to encourage youngsters to get involved in the shooting sports.

KTA Hall of Fame team trophies will be offered for college, high school (grades 10-12), and junior high (grade 9 and younger). In addition, novice trophies (for shooters with fewer than 1,000 lifetime registered 16-yard targets) will be awarded for first, second, and third, as well as for "young lady" in junior high and high school groups. A flat of shells will be awarded for best novice scores in each group.

SCTP Team Trophies will be offered for the three school grade groups, as well. (Anyone who had an SCTP team last year should have received full information by mail. For those who have never had an SCTP team, all the information is available online at www.nssf.org/sctp.)

For those younger than 18, ATA ($12) and KTA ($11) membership dues are required; targets are half-price ($33), and all shells are free. Those entrants 18 and older must pay full ATA dues ($20) and KTA dues ($22), as well a $66 fee, which includes 200 targets and eight boxes of 12- or 20-gauge shells.

For more information and event registration, contact the Kansas Trapshooters Association youth director, Frank O'Brien, toll-free at 888-324-5445.