Opportunity for public to comment on proposed changes to species' status

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) is mandated by the Kansas Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act of 1975 to review all current and proposed threatened and endangered (T&E) species every five years, and 2008 marks another year for review. A Threatened and Endangered Species Task Force comprised of members from state and federal agencies and nongovernmental organizations will review the currently-listed species and those species proposed for listing.

During this review, species can be added, removed, or status changed based on petitions to KDWP's endangered species coordinator. These petitions must have documented scientific evidence to support a change. The task force then makes a recommendation for each species to KDWP Secretary Mike Hayden. These recommendations and any amendments are published in the Kansas Register for at least 90 days so that the public may comment. After the 90-day comment period, Secretary Hayden then makes recommended changes, if any, to the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission.

If changes are suggested and approved, KDWP must take conservation measures that will properly reflect the new status of any species affected. KDWP staff must review activities that affect species listed as threatened and endangered in Kansas, and, if necessary, issue action permits with special conditions that help offset negative effects to listed species and critical habitats.

More information on this review process is available here.