One record set in 2008; Master Angler Awards available
for trophy catches that are not state records
PRATT -- Most Kansas anglers love to just catch fish, but most dream about catching that once-in-a-lifetime state record fish. In 2007, only one record was broken among the 36 species of fish for which the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) keeps records. But that can change with one cast. In some years, several records may be surpassed.

The more popular species for which records are kept include largemouth bass (11.75 pounds), channel catfish (36.5 pounds), white crappie (4.02 pounds), and walleye (13.16 pounds). The longest-standing record is the 4.63-pound black crappie caught in 1957. The most recent record breaker was the 7.6-ounce brown trout caught last May. The state record for flathead catfish (123 pounds) is also a world record. A list of all current state records may be found on Page 37 of the 2008 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary, available wherever licenses are sold or online at

Potential state record fish must remain intact until officially certified as a state record and should be weighed on certified scales as soon as possible (before it is frozen). The weighing must be witnessed. The fish must be species-confirmed by a KDWP fisheries biologist or a Fisheries and Wildlife Division regional supervisor. (Phone 620-672-5911 for the nearest biologist, or consult the 2008 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary. A fish tissue sample may be required.) A color photograph of the fish must accompany the application. Frozen fish will not be accepted. All applications for state records require a 30-day waiting period before certification.

A fish does not have to be a state record to be a trophy. Anglers who catch a big fish that is not a state record may qualify for a Master Angler Award. To attain Master Angler status, a fish must be of a certain length, depending on species. Lengths of the species for which KDWP issues Master Angler Awards are also listed on Page 37 of the 2008 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary, along with directions for applying and an application.