Aquatic nuisance species signs geared toward raising public awareness
PRATT -- It's the boating season, and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) wants all boaters to have fun. However, staff want to ensure that boaters protect the resource they enjoy from dangerous aliens -- commonly called aquatic nuisance species (ANS).

KDWP staff are in the process of placing new ANS signs across the state to raise public awareness of precautions that must taken to prevent spread of zebra mussels and other ANS. These signs are not all the same and target several different species in addition to zebra mussels, including Asian carp, white perch, and others. Signs will be placed at all KDWP managed areas to remind the public to take precautions every time they visit a lake.

In addition to specific species overviews, the signs will continue standard information on the prevention of ANS spread, including the following measures:

  • empty bait buckets on dry land, not into a lake or other water body;
  • never move fish caught from one body of water to another;
  • inspect equipment (boat, trailer, anchor, duck decoys, waders) and remove any visible organisms, vegetation, and mud;
  • wash equipment with 140-degree water, a 10-percent chlorine and water solution, or a hot saltwater solution;
  • drain all water from boat and equipment before leaving a water body;
  • do not release anything from an aquarium (water, plants, fish, or animals) into or near a body of water or storm drain; and
  • contact the Emporia Research Office at (620) 342-0658 or a local KDWP office if find any aquatic nuisance species are found.

ANS may also be reported through KDWP's Operation Game Thief -- 1-800-426-3843 -- or online at www.ksogt.com. For more information, visit the KDWP website, www.kdwp.state.ks.us. Just type ANS in the search box for details, including photographs, of aquatic nuisance species in Kansas.