Applications available online; Either Species permit allows take of white-tailed or mule deer
PRATT -- The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) reminds resident hunters that 2008 Firearm Either-species/Either-sex permit applications are due July 11 and are available online at These permits allow firearm hunters to take a mule deer or white-tailed deer of either sex. General resident permits cost $37.50. Landowner/tenant permits cost $22.50. Unsuccessful applicants will be charged a $6.50 application fee and receive one preference point for next year's drawing.

Over-the-counter deer permits (available July 1) include the following:

  • Resident Any-Season Whitetail: $32.50 (Landowner/Tenant and Youth, $17.50);
  • Resident Archery Either-species/Either-sex: $32.50 (Landowner/Tenant and Youth, $17.50);
  • Resident Muzzleloader-Only Either-species/Either-sex: $32.50 (Landowner/Tenant and Youth, $17.50);
  • Antlerless-Only Whitetail: $17.50 (Youth, $10);
  • Antlerless-Only Either-species: $17.50 (Youth, $10);
  • Resident Hunt-Own-Land: $17.50; and
  • Nonresident Hunt-Own-Land: $77.50.

Each hunter is limited to a maximum of one antlered deer permit. However, each hunter may purchase as many as five Whitetail Antlerless-Only permits in addition to that single antlered permit and one Antlerless Either-species Deer permit for Unit 3 only. All deer hunters must possess a valid antlered deer permit before they can acquire an antlerless-only permit.

Deer seasons for 2008 include the following:

  • youth and disabled: Sept. 13-21;
  • muzzleloader only: Sept. 22-Oct. 5;
  • archery: Sept. 22-Dec. 31; and
  • early firearm (Unit 19 only): Oct. 11-19.
  • regular firearm: Dec. 3-14.
  • extended whitetail antlerless-only: Jan. 1-4, 2009.
  • archery extended whitetail antlerless (Unit 19 only): Jan. 5-31, 2009.

Applications for general resident elk permits are also due July 11 and are available online. Hunt-Own-Land permits are available through March 14, 2009. Most elk hunting opportunity occurs on Ft. Riley, but unlimited Hunt-Own-Land permits are available off the base. The open unit for elk hunting includes the entire state except Morton County.

Elk seasons for 2008 include the following:
Outside Ft. Riley

  • muzzleloader: Sept. 1-Oct. 5;
  • archery: Sept. 22-Dec. 31; and
  • firearm: Dec. 3-14 and Jan. 1-March 15, 2009.

On Ft. Riley

  • archery and muzzleloader any-elk: Sept. 1-30; and
  • firearm: Oct. 1-Dec. 31.

General resident Any-Elk permits cost $252.50, and landowner/tenant Any-Elk permits are $127.50. General resident Antlerless Only Elk permits cost $102.50 landowner/tenant Antlerless-Only Elk permits are $52.50. All elk permit applicants will be charged a $6.50 application fee. For more information, visit the KDWP website or phone the nearest agency office.