Class required of all hunters born on or after July 1, 1957;
youngsters may hunt under adult supervision without course until age 16

PRATT -- For most hunters, mid-summer is the time when thoughts turn to fall hunting seasons, which begins with dove season Sept. 1. For first-time hunters, preparation usually means taking a hunter education course prior to going afield.

In most cases, anyone born on or after July 1, 1957, must successfully complete an approved course in hunter education before hunting in Kansas. Those hunting on their own land are exempt. Anyone 16 or older may purchase a one-time deferral of hunter education, called an "apprentice hunting license," for the same price as a regular hunting license. This license is valid only through the calendar year in which it is purchased, and the holder must be under direct supervision of a licensed adult 18 or older. Anyone younger than 16 may hunt without hunter education certification if they are under direct supervision of an adult 18 or older. Hunters 12 years of age and older may hunt without adult supervision provided they possess a valid hunter education certificate and the appropriate licenses and/or permits. No one younger than age 11 can be certified.

The Kansas Department¬ of Wildlife and Parks has scheduled a number of hunter education courses to accommodate those who have not yet taken one. The following is a list of currently-scheduled courses. Others will be scheduled in the future. Most courses require pre-registration. Contact KDWP’s Pratt Operations Office, 620-672-5911, for names and numbers of coordinating instructors, or visit the KDWP website, www.kdwp.state.ks.us, for updated course listings.

Region 1, northwest Kansas
City -- Dates -- Location
Hill City 8/5--8/10 Hill City Fair Building
Osborne 8/16--8/17 Sunflower Bank Basement
Phillipsburg 8/5--8/8 Fire Station
Salina 8/11--8/16 National Guard Training Center
Salina 9/15--9/20 National Guard Training Center
Salina 10/6--10/11 National Guard Training Center
Salina 10/2010/25 National Guard Training Center
Salina 11/3--11/5 National Guard Training Center

Region 2, northeast Kansas

City -- Dates -- Location

Abilene 8/16--8/17 Abilene Community Building
Abilene 10/11--10/12 Abilene Community Building
Atchison 9/26--9/27 National Guard Armory
Atchison 11/21--11/22 National Guard Armory
Kansas City 8/7--8/9 Cabela's
Manhattan 9/9--9/16 Tuttle Creek State Park Office
Roeland Park 8/11--8/25 Roeland Park Walmart
Shawnee 7/19 Shawnee Civic Center (internet--assisted)
Shawnee 8/11--8/19 Shawnee Civic Center
Solomon 9/20--9/21 Solomon City Building

Region 3, southwest Kansas

City -- Dates -- Location
Great Bend 8/21--8/24 Parks and Recreation Office
Great Bend 10/16--10/19 Parks and Recreation Office
Great Bend 12/4--12/7 Parks and Recreation Office
Odin 8/19--8/20 Odin Store Meeting Room

Region 4, southcentral Kansas

City -- Dates -- Location
El Dorado 8/8--8/9 Butler County Extension Office
El Dorado 9/19--9/20 Butler County Extension Office
El Dorado 10/10--10/11 Butler County Extension Office
Oxford 7/19--7/20 Lions Club
Wichita 10/24--10/25 Gander Mountain
Wichita 11/28--11/29 Gander Mountain
Wichita 12/19--12/20 Gander Mountain
Wichita 8/22--8/23 Sportsman's Warehouse
Wichita 9/12--9/13 Sportsman's Warehouse
Wichita 11/14--11/15 Sportsman's Warehouse

Region 5, southeast Kansas
City -- Dates -- Location
Columbus 8/23/08 Shawnee Creek Preserve (internet--assisted)
Garnett 10/12--10/19 Garnett Youth Building
Parsons 8/18--8/30 Arvon Phillips Recreation Center
Parsons 10/13--10/25 Arvon Phillips Recreation Center