First two weeks of season reserved for youth and those who have not had a license in three years
BELLEVILLE -- Fall hunting begins on Sept. 1 when dove season opens, and Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks managers at Brzon and Jamestown wildlife areas, near Concordia, have planted fields to attract doves. For the opening two weeks of the season, portions of the area will be restricted to youth and novice hunters only. Youth must be 16 years old or younger, and novice hunters must have not have possessed a Kansas hunting license in the last three years. These hunters must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older. Adult hunters may hunt as long as they have at least one youth or novice hunter with them.

Sunflowers were planted early so that mature seed would be ready for dove season. The sunflower fields planted specifically for dove management at Brzon are located on Fir Road, 8 miles north and 4 ½ miles west of Belleville. Several small ponds are located in the middle of the wildlife area and may provide additional dove hunting opportunity. Scouting prior to the season is always encouraged.

These fields will be open to all hunters on Tuesday, Sept. 16. Non-toxic shot must be used at the Jamestown site, located along the north side of Vale Road between 30th and 40th roads 1 ½ miles north of Jamestown.