Heartland Tree Alliance workshops designed to make planting efforts successful

It’s not too late to register for this summer’s Tree Keepers Workshops, offered by the Heartland Tree Alliance (HTA). These workshops include nearly everything a person needs to know for successful tree planting, from the backyard to large rural plantings.

The event includes five workshops -- including introduction to trees ($15), urban soils and basic tree biology ($10), tree planting ($15), tree pruning ($15), and tree problems ($10) -- held at different locations. Individuals can sign up to take all five or just as many as they want. Participants who complete all five become HTA Tree Keepers, a designation that makes them eligible to participate in HTA’s pruning events.

Workshops are taught by area foresters and arborists. While the events cover a broad variety of topics, HTA's Tree Keeper workshops are designed as introductory classes into the world of trees, not as professional accreditation. Workshops may be taken individually, but attendance is required at all five to become a Tree Keeper Graduate. Graduates are asked to volunteer 24 hours with Heartland Tree Alliance on public property and receive a certificate and wallet card upon completion. Tree Keeper Graduates who volunteer 24 hours are considered Tree Stewards. Tree Stewards receive a T-shirt and are eligible to become HTA supervisors.

For more information about Heartland Tree Alliance or its programs, contact Bill Grotts at 816-561-1061, ext. 110, or email treemail@bridgingthegap.org.