Events planned throughout May despite continuing cool weather

Recent wet, cool weather in the Sunflower State hasn't stopped Kansas state parks from conducting special events as spring unfolds, however slowly. Despite the weather, May is the time when Kansans clean up their boats and camping gear and head to their favorite state parks.

To enhance these visits, park staff conduct a variety of special events. Some events are scheduled in conjunction with Free Park Entrance Days, some celebrate a special historical event or geological attribute of an individual park, and others are just for entertainment. Each park sets its own dates for these events.

Events may include anything from a marathon race to boating courses and equestrian events. Many are educational and all make visiting Kansas state parks more fun. For more information on state park events, phone individual parks or visit the online Event Calendar.

Park goers are urged to phone the park they intend to visit before traveling. Telephone numbers of all state parks offices may be found on the KDWP website.

Free Park Entrance Days, a fishing tournament, and an equestrian trail ride marked the opening weekend of May. The following is a list of events for the rest of the month: