Two cabins scheduled for completion in December, one in January and one in February
MARQUETTE — Kanopolis State Park has announced that four new handicapped-accessible cabins will soon be available to rent in the Langley Point Area. Two are scheduled for delivery in December, one in January, and another in February. Sometime in early to late spring, these cabins will be available on a reservation system currently used to rent two existing cabins in the park.

Each cabin will have all the comforts of home, including a full bathroom and shower and a kitchen with microwave oven, refrigerator, oven, and stove. These one-bedroom cabins will sleep as many as six people with a combination of a full-size bed, Murphy bed, and futon. A porch, fire ring, barbecue grill, and beautiful view of Kanopolis Reservoir will complement the facilities.

Kanopolis State Park's existing cabins have been very popular, and the new cabins are sure to please park patrons. Funding from The Rhodes Foundation and Kansas Wildscape Foundation have made the addition of these cabins possible.

For more information, contact Kanopolis State Park office at 785-546-2565. Online reservations for the two currently-existing cabins may be made on the internet at https://reserve.ksoutdoors.com/Reservations/Kanopolis-State-Park.