New permit system designed to meet hunter demand, landowner preference
PRATT -- There is good news for nonresident deer hunters this year: all applicants for Nonresident Whitetail Either Sex Deer permits were successful. This is the first year all applicants have been successful, and this success is directly attributable to changes in the permit allocation process made by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) last year.

The current allocation system was developed after nearly two years of work, which included extensive public input, 14 public meetings, and legislative approval. The old process of allocating permits was based on a percentage of permits sold to residents in each unit the previous year. The new system is based on "adjustment factors," including landowner preferences, deer-vehicle accidents, hunter demand, age structure in the harvest, and health of the herd. The new process also eliminated the transferable permit system that had become burdensome and confusing to both landowners and hunters.

Nonresidents who applied for a Mule Deer Stamp when applying for archery or muzzleloader permits can check draw results online at Permits from the draw will be mailed to applicants in two to four weeks.

KDWP also reports that they have leftover permits available in all units. Leftover permits will go on sale July 20 at 9 a.m. on a first-come, first-serve basis. Ask for Licensing. The number of leftover Nonresident Whitetail Either Sex Deer permits includes the following: Unit 1 -- 53; Unit 2 -- 18; Unit 3 -- 12; Unit 4 -- 36; Unit 5 -- 6; Unit 6 -- 242; Unit 7 -- 28; Unit 8 -- 608; Unit 9 -- 210; Unit 10 -- 824; Unit 11 -- 744; Unit 12 -- 479; Unit 13 -- 339; Unit 14 -- 407; Unit 15 -- 242; Unit 16 -- 325; Unit 17 -- 5; and Unit 18 -- 74. Leftover permits can be purchased online or by phoning 620-672-5911.