Internet course saves time, money at no charge to the student
PRATT — The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) has announced conversion of the agency's current Furharvester Education Correspondence Course to an online course. The paper correspondence course will no longer be issued. Any paper tests received after Aug. 15 will not be accepted. The online course is currently available free of charge.

"We have never had enough furharvester instructors to meet the demand for classes," says Keith Sexson, KDWP assistant secretary for operations. "As a result, we have had to provide a paper correspondence course that has not really filled our needs as a learning tool. The new online course is much more thorough and will do a much better job of preparing students for the trapping experience.

"Instructor-led furharvester education courses will still be offered but will continue to be limited in number and location," Sexson adds. "The online course will provide the majority of certifications, which will save considerable money in staff time for data entry, printing, processing, and mailing costs."

To take either the online course or an instructor-led course, students will go to the KDWP website, www.kdwp.state.ks.us. From there, click "Other-Services," then "Education," then "Furharvester" to reach the furharvester education page. To choose an instructor-led course, click "Course Schedule." To take the online course, click Kansas Furharvester Education online course. Students will be asked to create an account and will then be sent an email confirming their account creation and providing a link to start the course. Once the course is complete, students will be issued an official Kansas Furharvester Education certificate that they may print out at home.

"One advantage of the online course is that it allows the students to log in and out as they desire," says Wayne Doyle, statewide Hunter Education Program coordinator for KDWP. "They do not have to complete the course at one sitting, and quizzes are given as they progress through the course. A wrong answer to a quiz question will require them to return to the missed instruction and get it right before proceeding."

Once students have completed all sections of the course, they will take a final test and must score at least 84 percent to be certified. If they fail the test on the first try, they can re-study and re-take the test until they get a passing score.

For more information on the course, phone 620-672-5911 and ask for Hunter Education.