Special Hunts Program adds private land hunts, extends deadline for application

PRATT -- The Special Hunts Program offers a variety of limited hunts, and many are designed to introduce youth and novices to hunting, usually in an uncrowded place with a good opportunity for success. The program provides limited hunting access to public lands that are normally off-limits to hunters. However, the program recently added special hunts on private lands, paying landowners a lease fee to allow limited access to hunters.

Special Hunt opportunities on private lands are concentrated in the eastern portion of Kansas, in more populated counties. In this region, landowners have been wary of the regular Walk-In Hunting Access program, which allows unrestricted access, because of the prospect of heavy traffic. They have been more receptive to a program that restricted access, both in hunter numbers and days. Interested hunters will apply to hunt specific game on specific days. Those lucky enough to be drawn will be provided with permits to be placed on the dash of their vehicles and carried with them, so the landowners and KDWP officers can easily verify that they have permission.

The original deadline for Special Hunts in September and October was Aug.1. However, with the addition of the private land opportunities, the deadline has been extended to Aug. 8.

Apply now by going online to www.kdwp.state.ks.us. Click “Hunting” and then “Special Hunts." If you do not have computer access, apply by telephone at 620-672-5911 and ask for special hunts.

The deadline for Special Hunts in November through February is Oct. 1.