“Deer FAQ” covers most questions hunters may have for the 2009 seasons
PRATT -- How many deer permits can I purchase this year? When are the deer seasons? Do I have to apply for a permit, or can I purchase one over the counter or online? What do I need to know about antlerless deer permits? What units can I hunt? How do I get a mule deer permit? Can I use a scope during the muzzleloader season? Can I carry a firearm while archery hunting?

This may seem like a barrage of questions, but they're just a few answered in the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) 2009 Kansas Deer Frequently Asked Questions, or Deer FAQ.

Each year, changes are made to deer regulations to meet the needs of hunters and landowners, and to manage the herd. While changes this year are few compared to last year, there are still questions to be answered and answers that hunters may have forgotten. The Deer FAQ is a indispensable tool in answering these questions and helping people plan their hunts and stay within the law.

The 2009 Kansas Deer FAQ is now available at the KDPW website, Enter “Deer FAQ” in the website’s search box or navigate to the FAQ by clicking "Other Services/Publications/Hunting."