Special hunting opportunities geared toward getting more youth afield
PRATT — The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) wants to see more young people in the field this year. To accomplish this, the agency has established a number of youth and/or youth-mentor hunts. These hunts offer special opportunities to hunt in places that have low pressure and a high opportunity for success. The number of hunters is limited by special drawings.

The deadline for the first draw has been completed, but not all hunts were filled, so KDWP is still accepting applications for those drawings. This drawing is for September and October hunts. (See chart below for first-draw hunts that have not been filled.) The application deadline for the second draw is Oct. 1 with notification on or around October 15. This drawing is for November, December, January, and February hunts.

To apply for a special hunt or to check drawing results, go to the KDWP website, www.kdwp.state.ks.us, and click Hunting/Special Hunts. Application is online only.

The following special hunts were not filled during the first draw. These hunts will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Phone 620-672-0791 for more information on any of these hunts.

Hunt Area Hunt Code Hunt Category Sept. Oct.
Chase County #1 D85 Youth F 12-13, 19-20  
Douglas County #1 D82 Youth A 12-13, 19-20  
Greenwood County #2 D104 Youth F 18-20  
Greenwood County #3 D108 Mentor-Youth A/M 25-27 2-4
Greenwood County #4 D110 Youth F 18-20  
Kingman County #2 D87 Youth F 12-16, 17-20  
Ottawa County #1 D122 Youth F 18-20  
Pratt County #1 D84 Youth F 12-16, 17-20  
Reno County #2 D90 Youth F 12-16  
Reno County #5 D93 Youth F 12-16, 17-20  
Reno County #6 D94 Youth F 12-16, 17-20  
Reno County #7 D95 Youth F 12-16, 17-20  
Rooks SFL D10 Mentor-Novice A   30-Nov 5
Russell County #1 D68 Disabled F 16-17  

Additional hunts are being planned with cooperating private landowners this year. These hunts will be added as the plans are completed.