Lake open to all activities; blue-green algae bloom subsided
MANKATO — On Aug. 26, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) Secretary Mike Hayden rescinded all previous orders restricting water use at Lovewell Reservoir. The lake is now open to full recreational activities, including fishing, boating, skiing, personal watercraft use, swimming, and wading.

On July 16, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment had issued a public health advisory after confirming a toxic blue-green algae bloom in the reservoir, which led to the order banning lake use. Concentrations of algae in the reservoir had exceeded the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended safe levels for recreational water use. A partial lifting of the ban, limiting the lake to pleasure boating and fishing but not activities involving direct contact with the water, was issued a few weeks later.

Lovewell State Park users may now look forward to visits to the park with full access to the lake. For more information, phone the state park office at (785) 753-4971.