June 20, 2013Dove hunters can provide vital information about the sport through a nation-wide surveyPRATT­– One of North America’s most highly sought after migratory birds, the dove, will be the focus of an national survey conducted June 20 through the end of the year. A cooperative effort of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), the Flyw ... Read More

June 20, 2013Bullfrog hunting can be a great way to spend a summer night, as well as fill up on good eatsPRATT– Kansas bullfrog season is almost here and for some, this is a special summer treat. From July 1-October 31, hunters of these four-legged amphibians can enjoy both an evening’s entertainment as well as a meal that is anything but ho-hu ... Read More

June 20, 2013As summer heats up, the KDWPT “Wear It Kansas” boat will be hitting the water to educate boaters about life jacket safetyPRATT­– This summer, if you see a boat clad with the “Wear It Kansas” logo, you might want to motor over and say hello– it could get you some free stuff. In an effort to promote life jacket use on Kansas waters, ... Read More