May 15, 2014The four-day event will feature much more than just the black walnutPRATT ­– The Kansas Forest Service, Kansas Chapter of the Walnut Council, Kansas Tree Farm Committee, and the Kansas Forestry Association will host the 2014 “Walnuts in the Wild West” National Walnut Council Meeting, June 8-11, in Manhattan. This unique opportunity ... Read More

May 15, 2014Kansas’ ticks can be active until midsummer or laterPRATT – Ticks are stealthy, opportunistic arachnids that make their debut in spring just as temperatures begin to rise. How to prevent becoming a host to these hitchhikers and the various diseases they may carry isn’t a mystery, but it has to be methodical. Here are a few simple pr ... Read More

May 15, 2014Trophy-size catches are just a cast awayPRATT ­– They’re swimming in the spot you almost casted, they’re biting just milliseconds after you reel in your line, they’re record-breaking fish, and they have yet to be caught. Inhabiting lakes and reservoirs all across the state, trophy fish are lurking about in some of Kansas’ most popul ... Read More