Bring Your Friends, Family And Even Your Dog: LET’S CAMP AMERICA!

Bring Your Friends, Family And Even Your Dog: LET’S CAMP AMERICA!

PRATT – On May 7, 2016, America’s State Parks will launch the LET’S CAMP AMERICA! initiative, designed to promote camping in state parks across the U.S. LET’S CAMP AMERICA! showcases the vitality and wide array of healthy activities available to campers with hopes of engaging new audiences including youth, millennials, diverse communities and urban citizens.

LET’S CAMP AMERICA! invites first-time campers and outdoor enthusiasts to revel in the limitless outdoor recreation activities available in state parks. For all, camping in state parks is available close to home, affordable, accessible and accommodating. For many, LET’S CAMP AMERICA! may be a rededication to their love of the outdoors. For others, LET’S CAMP AMERICA! could be an all-inclusive invitation to experience and then dedicate personal and family time to camping in the outdoors.

On May 7 and September 24, 2016, LET’S CAMP AMERICA! will host activities and programs across many state park systems to help you create special outdoor moments. In Kansas, you’ll find 26 state parks, featuring 10,000 campsites; more than 100 rental cabins; 500 miles of hiking, biking and horse trails; access to water for boating and fishing; and the beauty of nature. Find your big fish story, paddle, hike, watch the sunrise, make s’mores and count stars. There are endless experiences waiting for you whether at a campsite, in a cabin or in your RV.

Go to and click on “State Parks” for more information about events at Kansas state parks during this special event. You can reserve a cabin or a campsite, and you can download maps and brochures featuring the state parks of your choice.

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