Commission Stops Commercial Hunting Guides On Public Land

PRATT – At its June 23, 2016 meeting in Fort Scott, the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission voted to revoke a regulation, KAR115-8-24, that allowed commercial guiding of hunters on lands owned and managed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT). The regulation also required guides to acquire a free permit specific to the wildlife area they planned to guide on.

The issue of commercial guiding of hunters on public land had been discussed at two previous public commission meetings. In addition to hunters who expressed their opposition to commercial guiding on public land at those meetings, commissioners were contacted outside of the meetings by hunters reporting conflicts with guiding activities while hunting on public land.

The result of this revocation, effective August 1, 2016, means that commercial guiding of hunters is not allowed on land owned or leased by KDWPT, including federal land the department leases around reservoirs and private land enrolled in the Walk-In Hunting Access program. While commercial guiding of anglers on state fishing lakes, which are owned by KDWPT, is still prohibited, this change does not impact commercial fishing guides operating on federal reservoirs.

In other public hearing matters, the commission approved deer season dates on Fort Riley, which include several special seasons for authorized individuals in addition to statewide deer seasons. For a listing of all 2016 hunting seasons, go to

The next KDWPT commission meeting is scheduled for Aug. 11 in Clay Center.