Floatline Fishing Season Opens July 15

Floatline Fishing Season Opens July 15

PRATT – Want to expand your catfishing horizons? Floatline fishing, sometimes called jugline fishing, is a fun and effective method for catching catfish in reservoirs. If you remember the excitement of watching a bobber when you were a kid, floatline fishing is bobber fishing on steroids. Big “bobbers” and big fish.

If you’re interested, start planning now. The floatline fishing season opens July 15 and closes September 15, and it’s allowed on 12 select reservoirs, including Council Grove, Elk City, Fall River, Glen Elder, Hillsdale, John Redmond, Kanopolis, Lovewell, Tuttle Creek, Pomona, Toronto, and Wilson.

Floatline fishing consists of free drifting large floats, each fitted with line, a hook, and weight. Floats drift with the breeze, suspending the baited hook. When the float begins bobbing up and down or moving unnaturally, you’ve got a bite.

Floatline fishing is allowed from sunrise to sunset and anglers are allowed up to eight floatlines, which must be under immediate supervision of the angler at all times, and removed from the water when fishing ceases. Floats must be made only from plastic, wood, or foam and shall be a closed-cell construction, meaning a solid body incapable of containing water. For more information, visit ksoutdoors.com and click “Fishing.”