Visit With KDWPT Staff At Kansas State Fair

Visit With KDWPT Staff At Kansas State Fair

PRATT – The Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson is open Sept. 9-18, and there’s no better place to get back to your Kansas country roots. And while you’re enjoying the booths, rides, entertainment and displays, visit the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. Staff will be there ready to answer questions or just visit at several different locations.

KDWPT’s permanent booth and display is located in the Eisenhower Building. There you’ll find four aquariums filled with Kansas fish and terrariums displaying live Kansas snakes. Replicas of all the Kansas State Record Fish adorn the walls around the aquariums, and there are some replica deer mounts of actual Kansas trophy whitetails. At the booth you’ll find knowledgeable staff ready to answer your questions, and you can pick up the latest hunting and fishing regulations pamphlets, as well as the 2016 Kansas Hunting Atlas. A variety of park, public lands, and general information brochures are also on hand.

If you enter the fair grounds at the southeast gate, you can’t miss KDWPT’s mobile aquarium. This 40-foot-long monster holds 3,200 gallons and will have a variety of Kansas fish swimming for your entertainment. Fisheries staff will be nearby to answer questions and provide information.

Across the fair grounds on the north side of Lake Talbott you can tour a cabin, representing those available for rent at state parks and wildlife areas in the state. Park staff will hand out information and answer questions about camping, hiking, boating, fishing and relaxing in one of our 26 state parks.

In the Pride of Kansas building, KDWPT’s Travel and Tourism staff will host a booth to talk to fair goers about all things tourism in Kansas. Learn about unique day trips, special, out of the way restaurants, and other amazing things you can see and experience across Kansas.

Come see us at the 2016 Kansas State Fair. We’ll all be glad you did.