PRATT – On March 31, the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service its third annual report detailing achievements under the Lesser Prairie Chicken Range-wide Conservation Plan. Among the highlights, WAFWA reported on the purchase of an ecologically significant property in Kansas, w ... Read More

PRATT – The sound of a gobble will stop a turkey hunter in their tracks – anytime, anywhere. Like no other sound you’ve heard, a gobble is a high-pitched, rattling chortle that seems to erupt from a tom’s throat. It carries far on a calm spring morning, which can be good and bad for the turkey. Gobbles also signal the start of the spring turkey ... Read More

TOPEKA - Kansas features many historic sites and landmarks, and the top of anyone’s must-see list is the state park soon-to-be formerly known as Lake Scott State Park. It’s still the same great park with amazing history, but beginning July 1, 2017, the park’s name will officially change to Historic Lake Scott State Park. Both chambers of the 20 ... Read More

PRATT – That’s not a waterfall or the rush of a creek you’re hearing, that’s the sound of running water and other facilities springing open at Kansas state parks. While Kansas state parks remain open to the public year-round, most parks will turn off water during the winter months to maintain efficiency and avoid frozen pipes. Now that the weat ... Read More