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There are no dove fields on this area in 2019 due to flooding throughout the spring and summer!

Elwood Wildlife Area covers approximately 1116 acres. The area is divided into two areas, Elwood East and West. Elwood East is 844 acres and Elwood West is 272 acres. Both areas are on the frontage road on the South side of Highway 36, south and southwest of Elwood, Kansas.

Both areas are similar in habitat. The main habitat type on each area is a CRP program that allows natural regeneration of vegetation, mainly cottonwood trees. On Elwood East there is 453 acres and on Elwood West there is 128 acres of this CRP habitat. Both areas have cultivated fields, with a total of 223.3 acres. A rotation of crops, corn, wheat and soybeans are planted, with 5% of the total crop left in the field for wildlife. There are also 3 food plot, one on Elwood East and two on Elwood West, totaling 20 acres. These food plots are managed mainly for morning doves, but the food plots are used by a variety of wildlife. Sunflowers and wheat are the main crops planted in these areas.

Wildlife Information:

There are good numbers of Deer and turkey. Doves are plentiful in the late summer and early fall. While there are pheasant and quail on the areas, numbers are small. Hunting for pheasant and quail is limited to Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday during season. A variety of other wildlife also use the area.

Three parking areas have been constructed and information signs put up on all three areas. This infrastructure will provide better information and a safe area in which to park. The entire area is open to hunting but is restricted to following weapons types only - shotgun, archery and muzzleloader.

Fishing Information:

Fishing for a variety of river species in the Missouri River is available, but is limited to foot access.

Area News - Updated: 08/21/2019

Elwood Wildlife Area News

All hunters are required to sign in to Isportsman before hunting. https://kdwpt.isportsman.net/

Legal equipment for hunting would include archery, muzzle loaders and shotguns.

Upland bird hunting only on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays.

There are no dove fields on this area in 2019 due to flooding throughout the spring and summer!


General Information

Special Regulations


  • This area is non-toxic shot only
  • Area is restricted to the following weapons types - Shotgun, Archery and Muzzleloader
  • Pheasant and quail hunting restricted to Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday only
  • Off road vehicle, ATV and horse use is prohibited.
  • No alcohol or cereal malt beverages of any kind are allowed on the area.
  • Special regulations and restriction are posted on the area

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


The US Army Corps of Engineers purchased the area as a Missouri River Fish and Wildlife Mitigation Project in 2006. This area was purchased under authorization of Congress through the Mitigation Project in Section 334(a) of the Water Resources Department. The area was then licensed to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, with wildlife management efforts beginning in March of 2007.

Dove Fields