Big Hill Wildlife Area

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Big Hill Wildlife Area is comprised of 1320 acres of land. The area contains 870 acres of grassland, 180 acres of timber and 100 acres of crop and hay land. Two ponds provide fishing opportunity for black bass and channel catfish. Primary wildlife management targets deer, turkey and small and upland game

Area News - Updated: 01/25/2005

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General Information

Big Hill WA (PDF 228.67 kB)

 Manager: Rob Riggin
 Phone: 620-432-5053

Special Regulations
  •  All off-road vehicle and horse use is prohibited.
  • Black Bass length limit is 21 inches minimum on area ponds.

 Special Features: The 1,240 acre Big Hill Reservoir, operated solely by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is located ½ miles west of the wildlife area.

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


 The property was purchased in 1967 and 1968 by the Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game. The wildlife area is operated separately from the Big Hill Reservoir, a Corps of Engineers operated property located 1/2 mile to the west.