Traditional Course

Protecting our hunting heritage through safe, knowledgeable and responsible hunters.

Kansas Hunter Education teaches new hunters to be ethical, safe and knowledgeable. The course consists of subjects covering hunter responsibility, ethics, fair chase, history of firearms, firearms basics, ammunition, basic gun safety, field safety, bowhunting, conservation and wildlife management, wildlife of Kansas, outdoor emergencies, Kansas hunting regulations and boating safety for hunters. Where possible, students may live fire and/or go through simulated hunting conditions.

The traditional hunter education course is organized and conducted by volunteer instructors across the state. By law, the course must be a minimum of 10 hours in length. Most courses average 12 hours of instruction over two or more days. Courses are offered throughout the year with the majority being conducted in the months spanning August through October. Click here for a current schedule of all courses being offered throughout the state. Note: If no courses appear under the link to a specific region, no courses are currently scheduled for that region.