Equestrian Trails & Campgrounds

State Parks with Equestrian Campgrounds
2014 Trails Ride Competition

Eisenhower State Park

El Dorado State Park

Hillsdale State Park

Historic Lake Scott State Park

Milford State Park

Perry State Park

Sand Hills State Park

Tuttle Creek State Park

Equestrian Trails

Eisenhower State Park - Crooked Knee Horse Trail

El Dorado State Park - Boulder Bluff Horse Trail

Horse Riding

Flint Hills Trail - Equestrian use permitted on parts of Flint Hills Trail outside of city limits.

Hillsdale State Park - Saddle Ridge Equestrian Area

Historic Lake Scott State Park

Kanopolis State Park - Multiple equestrian use trails 

Milford State Park - Crystal Trail, Pipeline Trail, Eagle Ridge Trail

Perry State Park - Equestrian Trails

Sand Hills State Park - All trails are open to equestrian use

Tuttle Creek State Park - Randolph Equestrian Trail