2024 Kansas Birding Big Year

Birding Big Year Contest

The Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks will host the Kansas Birding Big Year contest, with this year as the tenth for this event. This contest encourages participants to observe and record as many different species as they can in the calendar year within the borders of our state. Participants can register online on the KDWP website, with all observations logged into Cornell University’s eBird listing tool eligible for counting. Any species seen in Kansas from January 1st through December 31st can be counted and are subject to review by the event coordinator and an eBird review team.

Participants must register on or before April 1st 2024 to be eligible and will compete in one of three categories: Youth (17 and under), Senior (65 and up) or Adult (18-64), with the Adult category broken into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sub-categories. Winners of each category (and sub-category) will receive prizes to be awarded next January, depending on sponsorship and donation availability.

Participants log their data into the online service, eBird, available on the Cornell University web site, www.ebird.org.