Boat Numbers and Decals

Just as you must have a vehicle registration for your car, all vessels powered by gasoline, diesel, electric motors, or sail must be registered and numbered in Kansas. Sailboards and personal watercraft (PWC) are considered vessels.

After registering your boat you will be given an assigned number and expiration decals that will need to be affixed to your boat. Your assigned number must be painted or permanently attached to each side of the forward top half of the boat. Numbers must be vertical block letters at least three inches tall that read from left to right. They must contrast with the background color and be distinctly visible and legible. Hyphens or spaces equal to one letter width must separate letter and number groupings.

A registration decal will also be issued. This expiration decal remains on your boat for the duration of the three-year registration period. Registration decals are displayed in line with the assigned number on each side of the boat.

Boat decal placement

Decal Placement