Douglas State Fishing Lake Fishing Report -
 Species Rating Size Baits, Method, and Location
Channel catfish Good 0.5-4 lbs Catfish are being caught using nightcrawlers, minnows, stink bait, shad, and sunfish.  Warming water temperatures have resulted in improved catches
Largemouth Bass Good 0.5-3 lbs Largemouth Bass are preparing to spawn.  Fish can be found in shallow water in depths of 2-8 ft near aquatic vegetation and brush piles.  A 6.5lb bass was captured and released during a recent fisheries survey.  Although, most fish are 12 - 15 inches. 
Bluegill Good Up to 0.33 lbs Bluegill are preparing to spawn.  Fish can be found in shallow water, where they are beginning to make spawning beds.  Target bluegill using worms under a bobber, jigs, and small spinners.
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General Comments
 Great Kansas Fishing Derby May 15 to Sept 15  Visit for more info; Tagged Fish - Channel Catfish, Bluegill, and Largemouth Bass