Lake Shawnee Fishing Report -
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Zebra Mussels were found in Lake Shawnee during the summer of 2013. Lake users should Clean, Drain, and Dry boats, trailers, and any equipment that comes in contact with the water to keep from moving zebra mussels elsewhere.
Bluegill Good Up to 0.25 lbs Bluegill are preparing to spawn.  Fish can be caught in shallow water in 2-8 ft, using worms under a bobber, small spinners, and jigs.
Channel catfish Good 0.5-6 lbs Some fish being caught using shad, minnows, cut bait, liver and stink bait.  Warming water temperatures have improved catches
LM Bass Good 0.5-3 lbs Largemouth Bass are preparing to spawn.  Fish can be found in shallow water in 2-8 ft. Casting jigs along patches of aquatic vegetation, some also being caught along rocky shorelines using jigs or crankbaits.
General Comments

As part of the Great Kansas Fishing Derby, 9 Channel catfish and one Largemouth Bass were tagged.  Tags can be redeemed for a prize at the following website: 

Brushpiles were constructed and placed at 5 locations in April 2010. Locations were marked with GPS using datum NAD83: 1) N38.99217 W095.63188, 2) N39.00736 W095.62968, 3) N38.99254, W095.63210, 4) N38.99619 W095.632202, 5) N39.01043, W095.63014. November 07 locations were marked with GPS using datum WGS84 in decimel degrees: 1) N39.00740 W095.62978; 2) N39.00819 W095.63046; 3) N39.00810 W095.63055; 4) N39.00806 W095.63043; 5) N39.00638 W095.62261; 6) N39.00247 W095.62495; 7) N38.99622 W095.63205; 8) 39.00274 W095.63202.

Great Kansas Fishing Derby May 15 to Sept 15  Visit for more info; Tagged Fish - Channel Catfish, Black Bass, Crappie, Bluegill