Glen Elder Reservoir Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Crappie Good 9-15 inches Crappie are in post-spawn and summer patterns. Try fishing deep brush piles and other hard structure. Some fish can occasionally be found in shallow vegetation, fallen trees, and anything that provides shade throughout the summer. There are very good numbers of crappie in the reservoir now so success can be had throughout the year.
Trout Poor 10-15 inches

The last round of trout was stocked on March 18th with 500 pounds of quality fish stocked in the GLEN ELDER OUTLET. By now most trout have been harvested or will likely succumb to the summer heat. 

Don't forget, ALL anglers fishing in the Glen Elder outlet ARE REQUIRED to have a trout permit through April 15th!

Walleye Fair to Good 11-25 inches

Fish can be found transitioning to summer patterns over mid-lake structure. You might find fish patrolling lake flats in Walnut Creek. Some anglers often have success fishing off Gibbs Point and Schoens Cove along the river channel bends. The deeper fish are often caught using a jig and crawler combo or possibly jigs with minnows.

*KDWP stocked 5 million walleye fry in Glen Elder during the month of April. In addition, there were 245,000 walleye fingerlings stocked in mid-June.

Black Bass Good 12-20 inches All black bass should be in the post-spawn and summer patterns. They can also be found along the dam, Granite Creek, and the south bluffs. Anglers typically catch them using a variety of crankbaits, soft plastics, and Ned Rigs. Largemouth bass can also be caught in most of the main lake coves as well as in the state park using spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and Senkos. With a 21 inch length limit these fish are almost all sublegal so please handle them with extreme care and release them immediately after catching them.  
Catfish Fair to Good 15-35 inches

Catfish can be caught just about anywhere lake wide. The best numbers can be found around the mouth of Walnut Creek, along Sandy Beach, near Takota Point, and on the flats south of the golf course. Anglers can try drift fishing for them using shad sides, shad gizzards, and stinkbait. Mature Channel and Blues should be moving up shallow for the spawn in June and July. 

Remember, there is a 35 inch length limit on blue catfish at Glen Elder.

White Bass Good to Excellent 11-18 inches Fish have moved to main-lake and offshore structure and can be found chasing shad. Anglers are catching them using Mister Twisters, roadrunners, crankbaits, and slab spoons.  Trolling old road beds and creek channels can be effective in the hot summer months.  
Anglers can now find GPS locations for each of the brush piles located in the reservoir. Simply click on this link Good Fishing Spots and select the individual brush pile. As we enhance these brush piles throughout the year, we'll make a note under each individual location.

Current Water Temperature: 65°F        Current Water Level: 5.0 feet low

We are conducting a creel survey at Glen Elder through the end of October.  One of the creel clerks may approach you asking a few questions about your fishing trip.  Please take a couple of minutes to answer their questions as the data we collect is invaluable for future management of the Glen Elder fishery.

Some boat ramps are unusable due to low water conditions. This currently includes Granite Creek, North Fork River, Carr Creek, and Walnut Creek. As water levels continue to drop, more ramps may become unusable.