Jewell State Fishing Lake Fishing Report -
Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Crappie Fair to Good 9-11 inches Anglers should target the brush piles and other submerged structure with minnows and jigs. In the summer months focus on shady cover when fishing shallow or deeper structure. Anglers are encouraged to harvest high numbers of crappie to help maintain a desirable level. Our recent sample indicated there are very high numbers of crappie in the lake now and anglers could have great success throughout the year.
Largemouth Bass Good 12-22 inches

Bass are in post-spawn and summer patterns. In hot weather focus on fishing mornings, evenings, and nights and fish around anything that provides shade. Fish can be caught around any aquatic vegetation, off the rocky jetties, and around the overhanging trees in the water. Fish can be caught use wacky worms, Senkos, Ned Rigs, spinnerbaits, roadrunners, and crankbaits.

There is an 18 inch minimum length limit on all bass in Jewell

Channel Catfish Good 11-25 inches

Fish can be caught just about anywhere on the lake. Anglers should try using shad sides, shad gizzards, shrimp, nightcrawlers, and chicken liver.  Targeting inflow is a popular method as the catfish will congregate there to feed. The upper end is a great area to find big catfish on warm spring days.

Remember there is a 15 inch minimum length limit on channel catfish


Redear Sunfish

Good 6-9 inches Look for bluegill around the rocks on the piers and around any brush in the water. Worms and small jigs are a good bet.  These guys can be caught throughout the year using a variety of techniques.  Some anglers prefer to fly fish with small nymphs or dry flies fished on the surface.
General Comments
ATTENTION ANGLERS! There is a regulation for all sunfish species which began in January 2019. Fish between 6 and 9 inches must be immediately released. There is no limit on the number of fish less than 6 inches, but anglers are limited to only 5 fish greater than 9 inches per day. This applies to bluegill, redear sunfish, green sunfish, and their hybrids.

Water temperature: 80ºF

Water level: 2 Feet Low

Great Kansas Fishing Derby Tagged Species - Channel Catfish, Crappie