Lovewell Reservoir Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Walleye Fair to Good 16-25 inches

Fish can be found transitioning to summer patterns over mid-lake structure. You might find fish patrolling lake flats.  Fish can be found along the river channel between Cedar Point and Walleye Point in 20-25 feet of water. The deeper fish are often caught using a jig and crawler combo or possibly jigs with minnows.

*KDWP stocked 2 million walleye fry into Lovewell during the month of April. In addition, walleye fingerlings and intermediates have also been requested for stocking this year.

White Bass/Wipers Good

7-14 inches

15-25 inches

Fish have moved to main-lake and offshore structure. Trolling a variety of small crankbaits, roadrunners, and jigs can all catch fish this time of year. Fish will also be found on the windblown points feeding on gizzard shad, especially around Cedar Point and Walleye Point.

*600,000 wiper fry will be stocked into Lovewell in May with fingerlings also requested later this summer

Crappie Fair to Good 8-14 inches Crappie are in post-spawn and summer patterns. Try fishing deep brush piles and other hard structure. Some fish can occasionally be found in shallow vegetation, fallen trees, and anything that provides shade throughout the summer. There are very good numbers of crappie in the reservoir now so success can be had throughout the year.
Catfish Good 16 to 35 inches

Anglers can find catfish lakewide throughout the spring. Fall sampling indicated very high numbers of channel catfish are in the reservoir now. Best baits to use include stinkbait, shad gizzards, shad sides, shrimp, and nightcrawlers. Anglers often report good spring catches of blue catfish near Walleye Point, the marina, and Cedar Point.

Remember there is a 35 inch minimum length limit on blue catfish in Lovewell.  All blue catfish less than 35 inches must be released immediately. 

Anglers can now find GPS coordinates, descriptions, and histories of some of the major brush piles in Lovewell. Simply follow this link Good Fishing Spots and select the individual brush pile to find out more information. More Georgia Cubes were added in April 2020! 

Current water temperature:  66ºF       Current water level: 6.9 feet low

Please discard of leftover bait in a trash can, even baitfish. Remember it is illegal to release any fish into public water unless it was taken from that water!