Sherman County Smoky Gardens Fishing Information

Sherman County Smoky Gardens Map
This Location does have Boat Access
Trout Lake
39.18758 -101.75716
Surface Acres:
10.7 acres when full
Maximum Depth:
10 feet
Normal Lake Level:
At the top of the dam spillway.
Current Lake Level:
Within 1' of full pool elevation.

Sherman County 785-899-4800

Lake has been recently renovated and refilled.  Fish population establishment is currently underway.

Trout Stocking Information

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Northwest Region Trout Stocking Schedule

Department-owned Waters – Trout Stockings by KDWPT

Northwest Region Webster Reservoir
Stilling Basin
Glen Elder
State Park Pond
Seep Stream
Sherman County Smoky Gardens
1st Stocking    Will not be stocked This year  October 28 October 28 November 4
2nd Stocking           November 30    November 30 December 21
3rd Stocking   December 21 December 13     February 16
4th Stocking     February 15    February 15  
5th Stocking   February 21 March 11  
6th Stocking   March 18    March 16  
Total Estimated Trout Stocked for
2021-22 Season
0 8,450 trout 13,100 trout    1,500 trout


Community Lake Stockings - Please contact local city offices for dates of stockings if not listed below

Northwest Region Colby
Villa High
Lakewood Lake
1st Stocking November 4  November 15
2nd Stocking February 16 December 13
3rd Stocking March 21 February 21
4th Stocking   March 16
5th Stocking    
Total Estimated Trout Stocked for
2021-22 Season
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