Fort Riley Fishing

Anglers at Fort Riley are no longer required to have a special permit to fish on the base.


Fort Riley has 29 ponds and lakes that are managed for a variety of fish, from channel catfish to trout. Fort Riley Military Reservation or portions of it, may be closed at any time, without prior notice, due to military activities, security restrictions, or impassable roads. The military mission and security have precedence over recreational pursuits.

Fishing at Fort Riley's ponds, lakes and streams is allowed only when the areas in which they lie are open for fishing. To find out what areas are open, phone 785-239-6669. Many ponds have special regulations in effect. Always check the information board at each pond before fishing. These regulations have been developed to maintain or improve fishing opportunities and are tailored to fit the specific conditions of these waters.

In addition, good to excellent fishing exists in Fort Riley's streams, and at nearby Milford and Tuttle Creek Reservoirs. For more information, go to Fort Riley Fishing.

And before you fish make sure you check out the Fort Riley Fishing Regulations and the Fort Riley Fishing Pond Guide.


Ft Riley Map