Public Lands

This public land information is being provided as a service to hunters. It has been prepared as a guide only and is not a complete list of regulations. For more detailed legal information, contact the KDWP Law Enforcement Division, or complete regulations may also be viewed or printed online.

To View all KDWPT Public Lands and specific location regulations, go to the locations section of the website.

Camping is allowed in designated areas only. Target shooting is allowed only in designated


The Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission revoked KAR 115-8-24, which allowed commercial guiding of hunters on lands owned and managed by KDWPT.  Commercial guiding is no longer allowed on public wildlife areas owned and leased by the department, including federal lands around reservoirs and Walk-In Hunting Access areas. 


Blinds and tree stands may be used on department lands, subject to posted requirements and under the following conditions:

  1. Tree stands may not be placed more than 14 days prior to the season and shall be removed within 14 days of the close of the season;
  2. Ladders, screw-in metal steps, and steps attached by ropes, cables, or chains may be used to access stands and must be removed with the stand;
  3. Natural blinds may be used and shall be constructed of natural herbaceous materials or woody debris that are present on the site;
  4. Any person may use these stands if not occupied;
  5. Only two portable blinds or tree stands per department-owned or managed area are allowed per hunter;
  6. Portable blinds and tree stands must be marked with the owner’s name and address or KDWPT number;
  7. Portable blinds may not be left unattended overnight; and
  8. Any stand not conforming to the requirements may be removed or destroyed by department staff.